Worth Knowing: Springfield Hospital Cutting 27 Jobs to Stay Afloat

Photo Source :: https://springfieldhospital.org/

Earlier this week, Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) took out two $800,000 loans to make bankroll. It was the first step the organization  took this week to remain open. The hospital announced that they were in serious financial trouble at the end of 2018, and their dire financial situation drew in the attention and efforts of Governor Phil Scott.

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In another effort to stay afloat this week, SMCS has announced that they will be cutting back 27 jobs throughout the healthcare system. This will count for about 6% of its total workforce. In addition to the job cutbacks, they will also be reducing wages throughout the organization. Contractors will have negotiated reductions, while hourly employees will see a 4% decrease and salaried employees will see a 10% decrease. The hospital administrators hope to see $6.5 million in annual savings from these cutbacks. 

You can read more about Springfield Medical Care System's financial troubles here :: https://dailyuv.com/profile/2408/972753?query=springfield

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