COVER Home Repair Receives Major Donation from Loewen Window Center

This January Loewen Window Center made a window donation that produced one of COVER’s largest sale days ever.  Steve Cary and Frank O’Donnell have donated windows to The COVER Store for many years.  These are usually returns that they are unable to sell but are in new condition.  The COVER Store sells these windows at very attractive prices.

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COVER Store sales provide funds to buy building materials needed for urgent home repairs for low income homeowners, the elderly, and those needing mobility modifications.  COVER builds many accessibility ramps and installs many new roofs.   In addition, these funds also help to pay for COVER’s weatherization service that seals homes against cold air drafts.

“We like the fact that COVER organizes volunteers to work with qualified homeowners to help make their homes warm, safe, dry, and energy efficient,” says Steve Cary, President of Loewen Window Center located at 52 Bridge St. WRJ, VT.


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