Worth Knowing: DHMC Suspicious Death Autopsy Results May Take Weeks

The public remains curious about the death of an elderly woman at Dartmouth-Hitchcock on Sunday afternoon that triggered a criminal investigation. According to dispatch records, police were called to the hospital around 3:30pm. Authorities have not said why they felt an investigation was necessary, but New Hampshire State Police major crime unit is leading the investigation. Officials are also withholding the name of the woman in order to respect the privacy of the family.

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Very little information has been released regarding the case, which caused some panic and a lot of curiosity from the general public. Hospital officials, the police and the Attorney General have all reassured the public that they have not found anything that would indicate their is a threat to the general public or patients at DHMC. Still, many wonder what would be considered so unusual about a death at a hospital - a place where deaths are not uncommon.

Authorities have indicated that they are waiting on toxicology reports to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the case. It has been said that it could take weeks for the results to come in.

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