Thank You, Norwich Selectboard

Norwich Selectboard meeting 1/23/19. Source: CATV screen shot.

If you see a Norwich Selectboard member, shake her or his hand and thank the Selectboard member for the hard work on the budget.  Even if you disagree with the final product.  †

This was no ordinary budget year. The Selectboard rolled up its sleeves, donned a green eyeshade, sharpened its pencils, and got down to work
It wasn't all peaches and cream. To quote John Pepper's blog, there were "moments of tension and WTF-ness." That is to be expected. 

I don't agree with every decision made.  That is to be expected too. 

Board members came to the meetings prepared and with thoughtful points of view. Discussions were not driven by the Town Manager or one or two members of the Selectboard. That was my impression, from watching the various meetings on CATV.  

I appreciate the diligent effort. Thank you, Norwich Selectboard.

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†  If you want to contribute as a Selectboard member, there is still time to run for one of the two Selectboard seats up for election this year. Deadline is Monday. See Information for Candidates for Local Office.

POSTED: 01.26.2019

Peaches and Cream Trifle

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