Eilis Murphy
Price:  $20/hr, and $10/week
SMOKERS NEEDED FOR BRAIN IMAGING STUDY The laboratory of Dr. James Haxby at Dartmouth College is currently recruiting cigarette smokers for a brain imaging study. PARTICIPANTS MUST: • BE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18-50 • BE REGULAR SMOKERS (FIVE OR MORE CIGARETTES PER DAY) • OWN A SMARTPHONE (Apple or Android) This study involves two fMRI sessions, approximately 30 days apart, during which participants will watch movie clips. Each session will last approximately one and one half hours. Additionally, participants will be asked to download an app onto their smartphone and answer brief questions on a daily basis between scan sessions. The scans will take place in Moore Hall at Dartmouth College, and all participants will be compensated for their time. If interested please call Eilis at (603) 646-0520, or by email at for more information.
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