What Happened to Equal Right's

Left and Right

I might be on the fence; I am just not a Feminist

I remember all the hot water I got into during my entire College education, I struggled through with disabilities and can say I only used my Adult 504 once for Russian History which was my weakest grade my entire education a C+ 

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I made it to the 8th grade and spent two weeks in the 9th grade and was banned from all Vermont Public Schools'. My GED was the only recourse and I took full advantage of the youth at risk summer work program until I was 21. At 25 years old and two children later, I enrolled into my first College Course!

I was picked on from day one, so I said, if it is going to be this way, I am going to tuck my Crazy in and voice just who I am and give it all I have to give!

The main topic for so many became topics about Women...I was not interested in a gender slanted education. 

Many years later in my Law program, the same hot topic just lingered. I from day one stood my ground I AM NOT A FEMINIST.  



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