A good day for a yardstick!

A foot of snow, a shovel, a plow, and a snowblower!

Sunday, January 20, 2019,  12:00 noon

     When I woke up and looked outside this morning,I thought there was maybe 6 inches of new snow on the ground.  However, when I got out my shovel I was surprised to see about a foot of fresh powder.   I shoveled a narrow footpath to the garage, and was happy when the snowblower fired up easily.  I cleaned up a small area in  front of the garage, and opened up the path to the house a bit more.  Then I fired up the trusty Jeep with it's old plow, and let that warm up  a bit.  I went inside to do the same, and got my camera.  In a few minutes I was back with a yardstick, and found that we had about 11 inches of new snow at that point, and it was still snowing very steadily. 

An antique yardstick does the trick!

The trusty Jeep is ready

The driveway before plowing

I stopped to take a photo of the snow laden Spruce tree, and the driveway before  and after plowing.

Driveway after one pass with the Jeep

After one pass with the Jeep's six foot plow, I realized I'd seen this movie before, and I did not want to star in it!.  With almost a foot of powder, and temperatures in the teens, this stuff was easy to plow, but there's only so much room for all that snow, and no matter what, the snow is  going to keep falling back onto the driveway, especially in the narrow area near a culvert.

Next step, trusty snowblower!

So I fired up the snowblower again, filling the tank first.  This way, I can launch all that snow up and away from the driveway, and leave room for more, as I'm pretty sure we'll get some more snow at some point.

Just as I was finishing with the snowblower, the wind started picking up, so I was glad that I was just about done.  The wind can really slow you down when you're snowblowing.  I then took the Jeep out for a quick trip to plow near the end of the driveway and the mailbox. 

The driveway is basically done....for now

As I was putting the Jeep back into the shed, it started sleeting, and I was glad I was going back inside.   I'm not looking forward to the roof-raking to come, but at least we got this much done. 

I hear we're in for some really cold temperatures tonight into Monday, with even colder wind-chills.  It will be interesting to see how much snow drifting we get. Stay safe out there everyone.  Uh-oh, the icicles are starting to hang from that roof I have to clean...

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