Music Video #4: A Cross-Country Ski Waltz

We have nice neighbors that let us ski in their fields.

     Well with the "big storm" coming this weekend, and temperatures up near 30 degrees, I figured I'd do a little skiing out in the fields while the time seemed right.  I had enough of carrying and stacking firewood the last couple days and needed a break.  Actually, I was a bit blocked about what to write about, and my father suggested I "walk away" for awhile.  So I decided to ski away instead!

I headed out to a couple of maple trees I transplanted back around 2001.  Hard to believe I carried them there in a bucket!

I took a right, near the bat house, or bat condominium I put up a few years ago... 

And I headed out into the fields.  There were nice views, and downed trees, small ponds, and even a nice train whistle in the distance.  Here's the video.  I hope you like it!

Once I got back home, I realized I knew what I wanted to write about today, or better yet, make a video about: Today's skiing session!  Sometimes you just need to take a walk, or a ski, if you can.

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