Spectacular Opals

Opal - Paul’s favorite gemstone. This is how it often works at Designer Gold: A customer comes in knowing that he wants Paul to make something for his wife, but he isn’t sure what.

She likes opals, he says. He thinks she’d like a necklace, and maybe a necklace and a pair of earrings to go with it. We have a good selection of solid opals and opal doublets. If he doesn’t see something that he really likes, we can order more for him to look at. Paul has such a good eye for colorful opals with lots of fire that most people fall in love with a particular piece. When our customer finds something he likes, then we talk about design. He is an integral part of the whole process, approving it all along the way from picking out the stone to the stunning handcrafted piece of jewelry.

 The pendant pictured was made in just such a way for Christmas. And a pair of earrings went home to make a complete set. What makes these pieces special is Paul’s keen sense of design, his ability to listen to what our customers want and Paul’s master craftsmanship.

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