Claremont's Tom Liveston is “anything but retired”

Honoree Tom Liveston at home

Named Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce


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CLAREMONT – The annual Chamber of Commerce Presidents' Award this year is honoring three individuals and two businesses. Tom Liveston has been named Citizen of the Year although, according to Liveston, “I said to my wife, 'You're probably the person who should have gotten it.” Both Livestons are incredibly active in the community, having lived her 44 years, and they've passed a tradition of civic involvement down to their son, TJ, who now lives in Manchester. 

 Liveston has retired, or tried to, twice. He taught science at Stevens High School for ten years, after nine years at the middle school and time in Springfield schools before that. After retiring the first time, he was asked to come back to teach Physics when the school couldn't find a teacher. 

Last fall, the district asked him to come back until they could find a science teacher. When the semester ends this week, it will be the third time he's retired from teaching. He's also retired from 34 years service in the Coast Guard Reserves.

Liveston got involved in the Boy Scouts when his son joined Cub Scouts in the 90s, and has served as Scoutmaster, committee chair, and a jack-of-all-trades for the scouts. 

“Of course, being a teacher, teaching a lot of the kids skills was something that came naturally,” said Liveston. He enjoys working with the scouts, especially outdoor activities at the Marshall Pond site in Unity. 

Literally closer to home, the Claremont Senior Center is right across the street for him. He's proud of the center and always doing something there, whether it's cooking, cleaning up, caring for the maintenance of the center, serving on the board and committees, teaching a technology class, fundraising, or organizing events. “I like doing that stuff,” said Liveston. 

“People ask how we do all these things,” he said. “You just do. The nice thing about retirement was I could do more that I liked. The thing that you like to do, you do.”


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