Budget Issues: Revenues

The budget process is typically focused on expenses. The draft meeting minutes of the Finance Committee for January 14, 2019 serve as a gentle reminder that the revenue side of the equation also merits review. 

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The draft meeting minutes say in part: 

The Committee agreed that revenue should be reviewed by the Selectboard as part of the budget process regularly, at a minimum as part of the budget process; that as departmental expenses associated with revenue-producing activities rise, fees and revenues should be re-evaluated as well; that the Town Manager should sit with the department heads to review fees attached to expenses; and that the Town Manager should consider whether different departments should have different policies. Similarly, the Committee recommended that department heads be prepared to demonstrate how they compare to other towns or market services.
I don't think we want to go the Bridgewater route and balance the budget with a speed trap.  See VPR Report: Norwich Ranks 55th In Traffic Ticket Revenues.

Property taxes are about 77% of the Town's revenues. Below is a partial list of other revenues collected by Norwich according to recent information provided by the Town Manager. 

Partial list of revenues

POSTED: 01.17.2019 
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