YouTube TV, Only $40 a it worth it?

Good Bye Cable TV, Satellite TV and the old rooftop antenna!

Last Summer, when NBC channel 31 up and disappeared, we decided to get the YouTubeTV app, and start streaming Live TV from an iPod. What a great decision that was! With YouTube TV, we get all the major networks, plus NESN, ESPN, and about 50 channels in all.  And, thanks to EC FIBER, we get excellent, fast, basic internet service with which to stream "live" television shows.

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With a little $70 device called “chromecast”,  that plugs into our TV USB port, we stream live TV from an iPad, (or iPod, or iPhone, etc.)  directly to our television.  It’s about $42 a month, with tax.   

Benefits include: 50 channels, plus Unlimited DVR time.  Recordings are kept available for nine months.  You can record as many shows as you want.  And, there's no other equipment to buy/rent or get dusty!  Here's photo of what the app looks like on an iPod.  You can scroll or search.

     Suddenly we have several screens on which we can watch live TV!    We can even watch TV outside now, on a portable computer or other device, as long as we are in range of wifi. 

One of my favorite new channels is the National Geographic channel, where you can watch "Highway Thru Hell".  It's about rescue, recovery and towing efforts on the Coquihalla Highway, or "Coq" in British Columbia, often during major snowstorms. 

But BEST of all, for me, we can watch ALL of the RED SOX games!  Whether on NESN, FOX, or ESPN, they are ALL there.  It's like I died and went to Red Sox Heaven!

To sign up, or learn more, go here:  The first month is FREE, and you can cancel anytime.  We'll be getting that ugly old aerial removed from the roof soon!

And we'll be taking down the old channel booster as well, which worked great back in the old days, when we could pull in channel 3 from Mt. Mansfield!

You can find out more at

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