Protecting Timber Rattlesnakes: The Story
Ended February 12
Sarah Strew
High on the rocky, wooded slopes of western Rutland County lives the timber rattlesnake, Vermont’s only venomous snake. Extremely rare and often feared, the timber rattlesnake is also Vermont’s only endangered snake. With only two known populations in thestate, these incredible reptiles are teetering on the brink of survival in isolated pockets of the Green Mountain State. Timber rattlesnakes face many threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation,disease, genetic isolation, a changing climate and persistent persecution from humans. Yet these snakes also have allies fighting for their conservation. Join VINS for an evening with ecologist Mark DesMeules as he takes us back in time to hear the fascinating story behind the creation of New England’s first rattlesnake preserve: the Bald Mountain preserve in Vermont.
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