Family Inheritance


Not just the Estate but the Gene Pool built just for you!

My Goodness, I must say I have inherited some of the finest gene pool a girl could ask for in this day and age of medical anomalies!


What did you inherit? 

My strong history of Diabetes!


My A1C of 6.2 early in the year and the latest current is 6.8! Do not know what a A1C is?, it is a 3 month average of blood sugars over the last three months, so twice a year is good however four times a year is better for a clearer view. In 2013 I started to have renal failure with a A1C at 8.7; Renal failure is kidney damage. I met with Dr. Gorson in Bennington Vermont where him and I worked closely over the next two years to set and hold a goal of an A1C of 7. At the time I was taking a low amount of inject-able  insulin of 70/30, 11 units in the am and 11 units in the pm. My oldest Son's A1C sadly could be any where between 13.2 to 10.3 meaning at his young age his diabetes could kill him way before me.   Those gene's! So I set a goal and met, it over and over, now it is time for a new goal and I am shooting for anything under 5.7. 

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5.7 Non-diabetic then it goes to anything above 5.7 to 6.4  prediabetic to anything over 6.5   diabetic!

 I cried when I got my results I stopped injecting insult nearly a year ago and my numbers continue to remain steady, now it is overtime to reach my new GOAL! 

Please join me in the race to eradicate this dis-ease! 


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