Worth Knowing: 2-Year Old Girl Found Dead Outside Her Newport, NH Apartment

Photo from Associated Press

In Newport, NH a 2 1/2-year old girl, Sophia Van Shoick, wandered outside in the middle of the night and, after not being able to return inside, died in the freezing temps. Her lifeless body was discovered by neighbors at the Maple Street residence around 7:00am on Monday morning. After his initial investigation, the police chief, James Burroughs, said, "Everything points to this being a tragic accident."

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The same neighbors that discovered Sophia in the morning, also awoke to the sound of a child crying around 4:30am. They opened their door to look around, but they did not see anyone outside and went back to bed thinking they were hearing a child crying through the walls.

This tragedy has left the family devastated and in a state of shock. There is a collections of flowers and memorabilia at the bottom of the stairs where Sophia's body was found. This post will be updated if the public is made aware of a way to help the family during this tragic time.

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