Another peek at the Take a closer look series

Take a closer look

Lot's of nice colors and one color we know, but what is it?

Here is yet another in a series of "Take a closer look" by Richard Neugass. This one is called Inside fruit.  Inside fruit - what wonders appear when you Take A Closer Look!

His manifesto, of sorts ... in his own words:

I realize that my photography skills are not quite 'professional' grade - the focus, lighting, framing, etc. could be better in many cases, and it would be obvious when viewing a professional's studio.

But that's not what I do here.

I walk around 'out there', find an image that has potential beauty (for me), shoot it (with an  inexpensive camera, and then edit that image into one of the electronic images you've been receiving from me.

Except in a few cases, all objects - plants and animals thus far - are living (or recently living, like fruit).  I believe that these images that I'm creating are beautiful and 'wondrous' - to people everywhere, in every country and culture.

For me it's the colors, shapes and patterns, all natural, just silently hangin' around in peoples' gardens, homes, and yes, refrigerators!

Pomengranate center

Mushroom arch

Floating heart of the Primrose

Green, but what does it mean ? (you label it)

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