Botswana Culture and Wildlife Safari
Ended January 24

GrassTrack Safaris (Lebanon, NH) will be offering a special, privately guided cultural and wildlife safari through Botswana in Aug 2019.  We're hosting a free presentation on this unique journey at the Kilton Library in West Lebanon, Jan 24 at 630pm. During this event we'll describe the safari in detail, the logistics and parks you’ll visit, what you can expect, what animals you're likely to see, and some background on one of the world’s oldest cultures, the San Bushmen.

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Bonnie Fladung (Grantham, NH) will be your host for this 11-day safari.   Bonnie is a wildlife writer and coauthor of When Eagles Roar: The Amazing Journey of an African Wildlife Adventurer, a 2016 National Geographic book recommendation.  You’ll visit a remote San Bushmen village, interact with the villagers, & learn about their customs and daily lives.  You'll join them around their evening campfires and learn about the local environment on a bush walk.  Then you’ll travel to the Tsodilo Hills, a sacred place to the San and view the extraordinary ancient Bushmen rock art.  Finally, spend 6 nights camping in the wildlife-rich Moremi Reserve where you’ll encounter elephants, lions, wild dogs, and a vast diversity of birds.

 See here for more details on this safari.


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