Plainfield Estate of Maxfield Parrish For Sale!

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45 acres of beauty designed and used by Maxfield Parrish from 1898-1966

     I couldn't believe this was for sale!  I looked up "The Oaks" while doing some research, thinking it woud be a National Historic Site like St. Gaudens, but in fact it is privately owned, and... now for sale.  There's forty five acres, a main house, a studio house, and a guest house.  Thirty three rooms in all, sixteen bedrooms, and fourteen bathrooms!  The property is graced with mature and ancient oak trees, one of which is considered to be one of the oldest oak trees in New Hampshire.  Now I cannot afford this, but I really am surprised that the price is only $999,000.  Considering the history that this spot has seen, and who designed it, I think it's a steal!

     Maxfield Parrish was a highly popular and successful commercial artist or illustrator.  He had a unique style, and became popular at an opportune time, when new printing techniques were being developed that favored color mass  reproduction.

     Maxfield Parrish moved to Plainfield NH from Philadelphia in 1898, not long after his father, Stephen Parrish, also an artist, had moved to the Cornish NH art colony, just a short distance away.  The younger Parrish designed and built his home in Plainfield and called it “The Oaks”.  He also constructed some of the ornamental features that are part of the home.  He had a machine shop at his studio and would use it to relax, by making art in a different way, and then incorporating that art into the estate. The estate also includes archways, and landscape effects that he designed.  He enjoyed being away from the crowds as in Philadelphia, and ended up staying at The Oaks for 68 years, and continued in his work into his nineties.

The renovated studio at The Oaks

The location is 58 Freeman Rd, Plainfield NH, 03781

The Oaks estate from the air

You can find this listing and more information and photos at:

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Thanks to Coldwell Banker Homes  and Snyder Donegan for use of the photos.


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