More charges surface in Chester case that involved conduct with high school girls

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Two new felony charges that were described as “enormously serious” by a deputy state’s attorney were lodged against a recent Green Mountain High School graduate on Friday.

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    Ryan Stocker, 20, of Chester pleaded innocent to kidnapping with intent to sexually assault, a charge that carries the potential of a life sentence, and to lewd & lascivious conduct.

    As Stocker’s defense attorney pointed out in court Friday afternoon, the charges are three year’s old and stem from when he was 17 years old, which falls within a similar time frame to the sexual assault charges that were filed against Stocker previously.

    Despite that time lapse, Windsor County Deputy State’s Attorney Heidi Remick asked Judge Timothy Tomasi to consider revoking Stocker’s existing bail, arguing that the amount of charges that are piling up make him more of a risk of flight.

    “This is his fifth felony charge, the fourth that involves allegations of non-consensual touching,” Remick told the court, noting that the charges now also involve four separate girls as the putative victims of Stocker’s alleged behavior in high school.

    Ironically, the latest charges were unearthed as part of a police investigation into potential obstruction of justice (a felony count of which Stocker pleaded innocent to back in October) and came about because Stocker allegedly raised the possibility of other girls coming forward during a series of phone calls from jail that were routinely taped while he was initially being held in pre-trial detention.

    Both of the new charges stem from an alleged incident in the summer of either 2015 or 2016 when a young woman said Stocker came over to her house in Chester because her brother was hosting a few friends that evening.  

    The woman told police that after the group had a few drinks Stocker allegedly let himself into her bedroom, took his clothes off, climbed into her bed and “kept pulling and grabbing her” until she was able to fend him off, leave her room, and lock herself inside another room within the house.

    The woman and another witness, who said he was at the same party, and who was interviewed by police said that afterward Stocker was irate and “throwing things” during “a temper tantrum” inside a bathroom until he eventually went back to playing video games with his male friends and fell asleep, according to an affidavit filed with the court.

    Stocker, who is already facing a charge that carries a potential life sentence as part of his original charges, has been out on conditions that restrict him to only leaving his home for things like medical and legal appointments and when he is working with his father.

    Since the state acknowledged that Stocker does not appear to have violated any of his conditions since the obstruction allegations surfaced last fall, Judge Tomasi allowed Stocker to be re-released back into the custody of his father under the same pre-trial conditions while his cases continue to move toward trial.

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