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The Active Observer: Basic Drawing
Instructor: Dan Gottsegen

Put pencil (and charcoal) to paper and see where you can go! Learning to draw is learning to see and a wonderful way to slow down. Understand line, contour, gesture and form while using various materials and the unique marks they make. Begin your creative journey at AVA! Working from a model included.

$251 members  / /  $295 non-members / / materials list provided
Mondays, Jan 21–Mar 18, 6:30pm–9pm (no class Feb 18)

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Painting the Winter Landscape with Watercolor
Instructor: Robert O'Brien

Paint our beautiful winter landscape in watercolor. The subtle tints of snow will be teased out using glazing techniques and layering. One's captivating scene will utilize tonal value, composition, light and shadow. Learn to create a finished painting from a favorite winter subject, using a photographic reference. Robert will demonstrate his approach and provide hands-on guidance to each student.

Saturday & Sunday, Jan 19 & 20, 10am–4pm
$141 members  / /  $165 non-members / / materials list provided

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Introduction to Oil Painting
Instructor: Nils Johnson

Begin painting in oils using the tools of the trade. Understand color mixing and develop a personal palette. Hone observation skills by identifying and reproducing color shapes. Take home a pleasing work of art.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Jan 22–Jan 31 & Feb 19–Feb 28, 6pm–8pm
$153 members  / /  $180 non-members / / materials list provided

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Exploring the Abstract in Watercolor
Instructor: Margaret Dwyer

Abstract art explores the relationship of form, color, and composition without recognizable images. This fact allows viewers more latitude for personal interpretation. Painting this way encourages an expressive freedom that is not always allowed when painting representational imagery. Use watercolor techniques to learn the essential concepts of successful abstract painting. Methods and techniques will be demonstrated and applied to this style of painting. Some watercolor experience suggested.

Saturday & Sunday, Feb 9 & 10, 10am–4pm
$166 members  / /  $195 non-members / / materials list provided

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Expressive Arts: How Art Moves Your Soul
Instructor: Julie Puttgen

Welcome to Expressive Arts methods: An engaging experience with different modes of art making and materials - clay, painting, stitching, moving, sound, writing - to understand your potential for insight, creative curiosity, self-care, and deep connection. If you are interested in an opportunity to explore how art moves your soul, and your soul moves your art, this is the class for you!

Mondays, Jan 28–Feb 18, 6–8pm
$136 members  / /  $160 non-members  / /  materials list provided

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Ink, Roller, Brush, and a Press: Introduction to Printmaking
Instructor: Derek Bell

Get ready to have fun and learn different ways to create your visual ideas in AVA's print shop. Topics will include relief, monotyope, and collagraph printmaking. Discover what can be done with colorful ink and a press!

Fridays, Jan 11–Feb 8, 5pm–8pm
$162 members  / /  $190 non-members  / /  materials list provided

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Pottery For All: Wheel Throwing, Handbuilding, and Slab Molding
Instructor: Evan Williams

Explore the basics of making functional pottery using the potters wheel, coil building, and slump molding. Make carved tea bowls, coil built serving trays or baking dishes, learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing and mold building for multiple slump molded dishes. Those with prior experience will hone their skills in their areas of choice.

Saturdays, Jan 12–Feb 16, 10:30am–12pm
$179 members  / /  $210 non-member  / /  $30 materials fee

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Playing with Fire: Welding I
Instructor: Jimmy Martell

Become a creative welder! AVA's metal studio offers everything you need to learn welding basics. Get hands-on practice measuring, cutting and joining metal in this introductory class. Use MIG and "stick" welders, plasma cutters and oxy-acetylene torches. Safety, fun and learning are the priorities.

Wednesdays, Jan 16–Feb 13, 3pm–6pm
$247 members  / /  $290 non-members / / $75 materials fee

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Steel Fabrication for the Sculptor
Instructor: Joseph Montroy

Continue your sculptural exploration using welded steel as a means of expression. Continue to refine tool and machine skills, learning new techniques in the process. The focus will be to transform stock sheet steel and rod into sculptural form. Materials supplied. Some steel experience suggested.

Saturday & Sunday, Jan 19 & 20, 9am–4pm
$158 members  / /  $185 non-members  / /  $75 materials fee

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Women, Wild About Welding
Instructor: Sabrina Fadial  

Grasp tips, tricks and tools while working safely and wisely in AVA's metal shop. Wrangle bar stock, sheet steel and rod while beginning to weld, fabricate and form metal using MIG and "stick" welders, oxy-acetylene torches, plasma cutting, and basic forging. Come away with small projects and confidence working with steel.  

Saturday & Sunday, Jan 26 & 27, 9:30am–4pm
$225 members  / /  $265 non-members  / /  $75 materials fee

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Turn Up The Heat
Instructor: Sabrina Fadial        

Get hot and sweaty in this Valentine's Day workshop. Learn to weld, cut, and forge steel to your heart's desire. Welding experience is helpful but not required.

Saturday & Sunday, Feb 16 & 17, 9:30am–4pm
$226 members  / /  $265 non-members  / /  $75 materials fee

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Cherry Boards and a Dovetailed Drawer: Woodworking II
Instructor: Chris McGrody   

Combine your hand and machine tool skills to fashion a cherry end table or night stand that boasts a dovetailed drawer. In just one weekend take home your own handmade, heirloom piece of furniture. Previous woodworking experience preferred. 

Fridays, Feb 15, 5–8pm & Saturday–Sunday, Feb 16–17, 10am–4pm
$200 members  / /  $235 non-member  / /  $100 materials fee

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Michelangelo Madness: Introduction to Stone Carving
Instructor: Heather Ritchie   

Wield hammers, chisels, files and rasps! Create a stone sculpture using a variety of techniques. Bring your ideas or an image or drawing or let the stone dictate your design. Learn how to use simple hand tools in the reductive method of sculpture. Novice and experienced artists are encouraged to join in making small scale, in-the-round or relief carvings.

Friday, Jan 25, 6pm–8pm & Saturday–Sunday, Jan 26–27, 10am–3pm
$260 members  / /  $305 non-members  / /  $15 materials fee

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