Cold, Wet, Heavy, and...Beautiful!

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Bob Totz

Pre-dawn wet snowstorm Jan 9, 2019, 6:00AM

I woke up to a beautiful sight! 

the heavy wet snow provided a gorgeous frosting on the local scene.

It's especially beautiful to me because I don't have to rush out to work this morning.  I used to get excited about a snow day because it meant I could do some cross-country skiing.  As I got older, I found out I was usually too tired to ski after plowing and shoveling and roof-raking and deck-clearing.  Today I'm hoping to get the driveway cleared, but also get some skiing in later on this afternoon.

The little pond had a pretty backdrop.

The Woodpile in snow.

Oh wait, I've got to bring firewood inside and do some stacking too.  Oh, and it's dump day... Well I still have hope I can get some skiing in! 

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What's the most often question you'll hear on a day like today? 

 "How's the roads"?

Enjoy the beauty out there, and stay safe if you go out on the roads!

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