Three Wednesdays in January: Discussion Nights featuring an Author, a Scholar, and a Scientist.
Ended January 31
January 31
12:00 AM — 1:30 AM
Price:  Coffees, teas, and a few cookies or cakes included.

1/16: “Finn's Clock, 1853, and a Short History of Boston Harbor". 
A presentation and discussion with Thetford author Dean Whitlock, including period maps, lithographs, and paintings.

1/23: “Thoughts on the Evolution of Story".
Observations by Lyme resident Allan Dooley, based on his book Authors and Printers in Victorian England”The discussion plans to touch on related themes including:-the relationship of form and content-the primacy of story, how a story evolves within the boundaries of its means of communication-changes in communication technologies and how they shape our relationships with stories.

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1/30:  "Making Sense of Visual Thinking". 
Professor of Psychology Ming Meng explores the dynamic nature of how we process visual imagery.  The discussion is likely to be built on an exciting public conversation between scientist Ming Meng and artist Matt Brown on the dynamic nature of vision with a particular emphasis on ideas of how we see color.   Co-author of articles such as "Artistic representations: Clues to efficient coding in human vision" and "Distinct effects of contrast and color on subjective rating of fearfulness", Prof. Meng is a former Lyme resident, researcher and teacher at Dartmouth College now living back in his native country of China.
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