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What is Boondocking?

A couple from Vt/NH have built the cutest tiny house on the back of the truck used to work in the woods of Vermont and New Hampshire. I think that is great in so many ways. So I watched the YouTube interview and that led to more YouTube videos people all over the country, in all kinds of rigs, are feeling the crunch of the rising cost of housing. Boondocking for fun or necessity is growing expediently while economist are predicting this trend to hit the height of this trend within the next five years. When I was growing up it was the bomb shelter everyone was in a frenzy over and that trend is still just as popular given the doomsday view. So they are saying one can live even out of their car, van, truck and just about anything with wheels for under $ 800.00 a month, which is a close range for people who live on SS, for those who do not there is an entire community of Boondockers working while living on the road, free of the hustle and bustle of conventional living. 

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