Chester-Andover students back in their own school

Chester-Andover elementary students back in their building

After spending four months at the regional high school because the boiler had to be replaced


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CHESTER, VT. — After a five-month sojourn in Green Mountain Union High School, the students of Chester-Andover Elementary School are back in their building. 

A basement flood which damaged the electrical system in August forced classes to be held in Green Mountain Union High School to the south. 

“The kids have fresh snow to play in,” said CAES principal Katherine Fogg. “Everyone’s happy. It’s nice to be back.”

Fogg said the classrooms at the high school were small and had no windows.

“They were having a hard time finding their way around a big building,” she said. 

Fogg said there were some advantages to the arrangement, though.

“The teachers did projects with the older and younger students, and some of the students got to go to school with their older siblings,” Fogg said. “Now they’re coming back to brand new teachers and paraeducators who have never worked here. It’s a lot like coming back to school in August.”

Sixth-grader Maggie MacDonald said is was nice to be back.

“There’s not as many stairs,” she said. “We felt bad for taking their classrooms. Teachers had to sacrifice their classrooms. I didn’t like it there as much as I do here.”

Librarian Kim Farrar took advantage of the hiatus to renovate the library and to relish the spacious room it is in. 

“I was in a closet,” she said. “I had 500 books in boxes. I brought the library to the children.”

Fogg said the students were coming back to new things in the school.

“I’ve met with parents about the things we do here,” she said. “We’re doing more outdoor education. The Parent-Teacher Group is funding that teacher. The town wants to initiate a trail project. There’s been talk about a bridge over the stream out back to connect with the trail system.”

Another boon to the students is more recess. Currently, they have a pre-class recess and another before lunch. The playground was rebuilt over the summer

“They didn’t have a lot of free time, and we could only bring them to this playground once a day,” Fogg said.

Fogg said she is relieved to have her office back.

“We were in the in-school suspension room,” she said. “We couldn’t get phone calls, and there was no privacy to meet with people.”

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