Upper Valley Missed Connections - January 4th

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Here are the missed connections from the past couple of weeks! Enjoy and don't forget to submit yours to missedconnectionsuv@gmail.com. 

12/20 - Hey there Woodstock Wanderer. It was great running into you around Woodstock on the Thursday night before Christmas. Glad to know I’m not the only one doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Hope whoever you bought that cooking book for will love it. 

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12/21 - I was the dog with spots in the park in White River Junction. You were the dog with a brown coat and white feet who couldn’t get enough of that great smelling tree. Tell your owner to take you out January 9th at 2pm. I’ll be waiting at our favorite park. You’ll know the spot. 

12/24 - To all of the lovely people waiting hours for their Chinese takeout orders on Christmas Eve in West Leb - thank you for staying positive. Although I am sure it was a miserable experience for every one of us, it filled my heart that everyone was nice, talkative and able to laugh off an awful situation. Belated Merry Christmas to all of you. 

12/27 - To the Mom that I overheard telling her kid “You do you” in Hanover, well it kind of made my day. 


Please make sure to include a date in your submission and remember.... good vibes only! 



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