Worth Knowing: Stern's Quality Produce May Reopen...

Submitted 20 days ago
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Mitzi Cunningham

According to an update posted on the Stern's Facebook Page, the Upper Valley may be receiving good news soon! The post states that their may be a potential buyer that will reopen the store and continue to sell quality, affordable products.

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The store closed it's doors at 4:30pm on December 31, 2018. The Stern's opened the store more than 33 years ago and they dedicated themselves to providing unique products at an affordable price to the Upper Valley community. Their customers felt more like family to them, but advancing age and health problems forced them to close shop at the end of 2018. Many community members were devastated by the closure of the store. In fact, hundreds of comments were left on social media sites expressing a desire for someone else to take over the store.

You can follow the Stern's Quality Produce Facebook page for continued updates on the status of the sale. Fingers crossed, we'll see this little green store reopen soon!

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