The Mysterious Phenomenon of a Frigid Night in This Old House

Submitted 21 days ago
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Joyce Amsden

When overnight temperatures dip down below 15 degrees, I know I will likely wake to a mysterious occurrence.

From my book, Gardens of Ice:

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"Window Frost forms when warm, moist air condenses on a pane of glass that is exposed to below freezing temperatures. Scratches, smudges and irregularities greatly influence how ice crystals nucleate and grow. The windows of my early 19th century farmhouse with its un-insulated walls and single pane windows create the perfect circumstances for the formation of these exquisite jack frost paintings.

Understanding the science of this phenomenon does nothing to diminish my wonder at the magical wintry kaleidoscope of every changing patterns as daily they melt and reform with patterns that are similar for days at a time but never twice the same."

When the temperatures are this inhospitable, it is very helpful to find something in it to love.  Have you found a way to enjoy this frigid weather? Do you ski? Or love the sound of the snow crunching under your feet? Or the way sound travels across the way on a cold morning? Leave a comment below and help your neighbors find beauty in deep winter.


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