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Should Governors In VT And NH Serve 4-year Terms?

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Vermont and New Hampshire are the only two states that have two-year gubernatorial terms, says a recent VTDigger news story

That could change in Vermont. In 2019, Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe plans to introduce in the Senate an amendment to the Vermont Constitution expanding gubernatorial terms from two to four years, according to the VTDigger story Ashe seeks constitutional amendments, compromise with Scott in 2019 by Xander Landen.

The article quotes Senator Ashe saying: “Any governor struggles to offer bold solutions and to work well with the legislature on big things because there is such a tight window between taking office and then having to face the voters again.” 

However, a public comment to the story observes, that the "best way for a Governor to be in office for 4 years is to do a good job for the first two and get re elected." 

What say you? Should Governors in VT And NH serve 4-year or 2-year terms?  Please comment below or email me at 
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POSTED: 12.31.2018 

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