Mini Libraries

Submitted 24 days ago
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Gene Soboleski

Leave one, take one!

I'm not much of a book reader. Surprised? Ha! When I read a book, an actual book, it is quite likely to be a non-fiction book having to do with war, leadership, health, history, or (recently) photography. In the past I would read books about mountaineering, exploration of new lands, etc., but those have fallen by the wayside over the past year or so.

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Yesterday I was out for a walk in Lebanon while our son and some pals were shooting hoops at CCBA and I noticed one of the book exchanges that are scattered around town. I know of two others, but am certain that there are more. The one pictured is near CCBA, just outside the senior center. The other two I know of are at the AT bus stop by the main library in "old West Lebanon" and near the pavilion at the skate park/park on Glen Road. If you know of others, please share in the comments!

Never noticed them, or not sure what they are? Here, lemme shed some light. The books are placed there by the general public, and are free for the taking. Enjoy the book, bring it back, or place it in a different location when you are done. Or keep it. If you have some books at home that are collecting dust, why not bring them to one of these handy spots and share? 

In our current world where everyone seems to be closing off from the world (myself included), this little friendly gesture seems like a crack where some light can get in. Maybe it will help bring us closer together. Maybe not. 

I just think they are a pretty cool idea.


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