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Year 2018 in Review

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Same Sex Cake to the lose of The Iconic Bush couple

This year packed a punch in so many different ways it is hard too pick the highest impact on my consciousness, I have pages and pages of headlines, all in which bore much concern in our Nation. I fell for the False Alarm of a Missile Launch, I called my son and told him we needed to follow our plan that we have in case of a nuclear missile attack. My son quickly dismissed it as hype which, scared me, because what if it was not a drill or false report? What a day that turned out to be. 

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Eagles won the SUPER BOWL against the Patriots 41-33

The stock market rise in January followed by Trump's State of the Union Address in Hawaii then A former student gunning down 17 people moving on Billy Gram dies at 99 years old and the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. 

A Self Driving Car Kills a Pedestrian, Facebook's public Apology, No Evidence found in the Russian interference, Shooting at the YouTube headquarters and Bill Cosby found GUILTY on all counts.

A Royal Wedding, A Baseball player whom was shot returns, the first woman to leave the CIA, Two Teachers shot to Death, Kilauea erupts then Guatemala Waco erupts killing 100.   

Trump pardons Alice Johnson, shooter opens fire in a newsroom killing several people, John McCain dies at 81 of Brain Cancer, Aretha Franklin dies at 76, Church Sex Scandal exposed as The Pope apologies, Gunman opens fire an a synagogue, Jeff Sessions resigns at Trumps request and another 12 shot dead in a Bar.

Micheal Cohen gets three years, Affordable Care Act found unconstitutional in a Federal Court.....The saddest for many both George W Bush Sr. (94) and Barbra Bush passed away....then to close up the year The Gov. shut down because stresses over the Wall.  

If I missed anything please add to the list 



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