Will the West Lebanon 110 Grill look like this one in Nashua?

Worth Knowing: New West Lebanon restaurant coming along . . .

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Construction continues on the old Verizon space in the Upper Valley Plaza where a new restaurant - a 110 Grill - is expected to open soon. (For more details about the coming eatery, the anticipated menu and its sister locations, read this 110 Grill story.) 

Originally slated to open in late fall, the developers are hoping to open within the next 2-3 months. An employee of Winchester Mechanical, the HVAC contractor, who was on-site today said there is a big push to get the project done.

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For now, you can see the beginnings of the roofline silhouette and where there will be large windows. 

Construction has not begun on the outdoor patio - and it's hard to imagine that that can happen until the ground thaws. 

Below is what the site looked like 2 months so you can see that a lot of progress has been made. 

The Upper Valley Plaza already has several new tenants next door, including PetSmart and HomeGoods. Rumors abound that an Old Navy will open between the 110 Grill and HomeGoods this spring.

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