Chester man facing felony aggravated domestic assault charges following fight with family members

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A Chester man is facing multiple charges following what was described as a violent family fight that took place at his residence a couple of days after Christmas.

    Luis Negron, 44, pleaded innocent to four felony counts of first degree aggravated domestic assault and to an accompanying misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment before he was released from the courthouse on a series of pre-trial conditions including a court order that he undergo an “out-patient mental health evaluation” in the coming days.

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    Windsor County Deputy State’s Attorney Glenn Barnes had asked the judge to hold Negron without bail, citing what he called “a vast array of red flags,” including a 2014 conviction for aggravated domestic assault which involved one of the same alleged victims as the incident this past week.

    An affidavit filed with the court by Chester Police Officer Adam Woodell described a tumultuous scene when police arrived on Thursday evening where individuals had been hiding outside the residence armed with bats and shovels to protect themselves from Negron.

    Family members told police that Negron had been drinking and yelling at people before he allegedly began to throw hot coals out of a fireplace onto a wooden floor and then got into a fist fight with two other males and threw items including a picture and a lamp.  

    Negron eventually grabbed “a metal door stopper in the shape of a rooster with a long handle” and chased and threatened people with it, according to the police report which also noted that Negron himself had sustained a number of injuries to his face by the time police arrived.

    Following his arrest, Negron was transported to Springfield Hospital where he was treated for what were described as multiple contusions and soft tissue injuries to his head, chin, lips, eye sockets, cheeks and chest.  

    Negron appeared to be in pain during his court hearing where his public defender, attorney Robert Lees, told Judge Elizabeth Mann that Negron had “also suffered numerous injuries during this incident,” adding that Negron “very much disagrees with the charges” and the version of events laid out by the other witnesses.

    Negron, who works for an excavating company and has lived in Chester for the past eight years, faces a maximum potential penalty of up to 61 years in prison if he were to be convicted of all the charges now pending against him.

Negron's face was visibly swollen during his court appearance on Friday

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