Manhunt underway around Exit 1 in Quechee for Sharon domestic assault suspect who ditched his car

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QUECHEE - State troopers and Hartford Police officers have fanned out around Exit 1 near the Quechee Mobile gas station and several surrounding roads this evening looking for a suspect who ditched his car and took off on foot along Interstate 89 shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday evening.

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    Police are looking for Matthew Nilsson, 25, in connection with an alleged domestic assault that occurred in Sharon and are urging residents along that stretch of Route 4, Old River Road, Atwood Road and the surrounding area to lock their doors and avoid picking up any hitchhikers.

    A police tracking dog led officers down the interstate for a considerable distance from where police found a vehicle that they believe Nilsson abandoned because he spotted a police cruiser in the area.

    Nilsson stands 6-feet-2-inches tall and was last seen wearing a thin grey sweatshirt.

Matthew Nilsson in a 2018 mugshot released by Hartford Police

    Back in 2015, Nilsson pled guilty to misdemeanor counts of domestic assault and unlawful mischief in connection with an incident in which his ex-girlfriend said he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to the ground and damaged the mirror on her car during “a fit of rage.” 

    Less than a week later, Nilsson was back in court where he pled guilty to both simple assault and to violating the terms of the probation which had just been imposed upon him.  

    At the time, Windsor County Deputy State’s Attorney Heidi Remick explained that the state was willing to only impose 10 days of work crew in exchange for Nilsson’s plea deal because he had not even had time yet “to take advantage of the (anger management) programming contemplated by the original agreement” and because he explained that the reason he gave his younger brother a bloody nose over the weekend was because he was upset about him allegedly smoking marijuana in his mother’s house. 

    In his own sworn written statement in 2015, Matthew Nilsson wrote that during the argument, “I agreed with (my brother) that I’m a burden but I’m doing the best I can (and) I just kept trying to explain to him how smoking pot is wrong and how it gets you nowhere in life…I had no idea what I thought would be a brotherly lecture would get me arrested.  I hope I can continue to better my life and follow through with counseling,” Nilsson wrote before concluding, “Sorry for the sloppy handwriting.  It is difficult writing this with one arm handcuffed to a bench.”

Matthew Nilsson in court in 2015

You can read the story about Nilsson's capture using this link:

Nilsson arrested after extensive search around Quechee overnight

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