Music Video #3: Recurring nightmares - “Going Back to College in My Dreams”

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Bob Totz

A 250th Anniversary Dartmouth Photo Essay along with a song about recurring nightmares.

"Well I woke the other night in a cold sweat."  Have you ever woken up from a nightmare about being back in college?  I used to, until I wrote this song!
Here’s some vintage photos of Dartmouth College, along with the tune played by me along with the Out on a Limb Band:

For the record, I should mention that as a result of writing this song, my recurrent nightmares went away for good!  I still remember them well though, going to class totally unprepared for a test, or finding out I missed all the classes for the semester when I didn’t even know I had signed up for the course!

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While I did not attend classes at Dartmouth College, I did help teach an Osher course on Louis Armstrong and I appreciate the rich history of the college, and the geography of the area.

Out on a Limb Band is:  Rick Barrows on mandolin,  Melissa Desiervo on banjo, Steve Glazer on lead guitar, and Erin Smith on upright bass and fiddle.  They can be found at:  Audio recording by Steve Smith.  Photos courtesy of Dartmouth College Library.
     I tried to edit the photos so that they go along with the lyrics, as well as the music.  I hope you find this entertaining and informative!
     Photos courtesy of Dartmouth College Library.

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