Artist Talk: Cindy Blakeslee
Ended January 17

Join us for a talk by artist Cindy Blakeslee in conjunction with her exhibition "Leavings" on view at AVA through February 1. Exhibiting artist Luciana Frigerio will also give a talk.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Blakeslee has worked as a technical editor, political worker, statewide trade association Executive Director, food writer, and non-profit Director before becoming an artist. The continuous motivation throughout the years has been Blakeslee’s active environmentalism. It is this world view that feeds and dictates her work with found objects.

Leavings will showcase Blakeslee’s affinity for form and texture. Completely self-taught, she uses the challenge of taking an idea to fruition as an excuse to learn new skills and acquire new tools. She has participated in group shows at Studio Place Arts, Shelburne Farms, Helen Day Art Center, and AVA Gallery and Art Center. This will be her first solo exhibition of her work.


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