A petting zoo to raise money for people in need?

Merry Xmas

What a novel idea ($ 1500.00 raised)

Many businesses have participated in the 19 days of Norwich and Beyond campaign. They all have their own unique way of raising money for this worthwhile cause. The River Road Vet clinic had a recent petting zoo contest to raise money. I was not able to attend as I was covering another event at that time. I asked Dr. Pinello to send me some info and photo's and I would do a short story.

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I received this e-mail from Christine Pinello today.

Good morning,

Attached to this email you will find just a few photos of the petting zoo. This year was probably our busiest year! We had a few exciting new things at the petting zoo. We had an area where people were able to hold rabbits, as well as a raffle table.

As always the exotic animals were a hit!! We raised over double the amount from last year! or $ 1500.00.  Details forthcoming for total receipts when Dan submits his final report.

And bugs too!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Gutsy little fellows  (I mean the people)

Seriously ! It's a little cramped in here.

Bunnies or rabbits ?  Could it be Peter Rabbit 's family

Oink! Oink!  Give us the chow

Did he shave? I don't see a beard

Nice snake - Gut Milk? my friend

What did you say? Polly want's a what.

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