Writing Ecopsychology: A Writing and Meditation Workshop
Ended January 13
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The natural world provides ample opportunity to connect with our creative selves. Words can be harnessed to capture the essence of our most profound experiences in nature, and to share that experience with readers. This workshop is an introduction to writing ecopsychology, the interaction of the psyche and the landscape. You will learn to tell the story of your own interaction with the natural world. This will be an inspiring and instructional session designed to help you access your inner writer and produce self- expressive writing, with our beautiful outdoor playground as inspiration. 

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This 90-minute session will begin with a discussion of craft and a brief analysis of some samples of ecopsychology writing. We will do a short free-write based on a prompt, with the opportunity to share what we have written if desired. We will then sit in guided meditation to quiet our minds and connect with an experience we wish to write about. The remainder of the session will be a time to write and collaborate, utilizing what we have gained from the workshop and sharing our work if we wish. No previous writing or meditation experience is required. This workshop is best suited for creatives who would like to deepen their relationship with the natural world through writing.
Please bring paper and a writing utensil, and wear comfortable clothes for meditation. If you prefer to write on a laptop or tablet you may bring that as well.
If you are interested in reading examples of ecopsychology writing, I recommend Terry Tempest William’s short story collection Red, local author Terry Osborne’s Sightlines, or my own recent essay, Equinox, available online: https://enduranceefficacy.com/2018/09/22/equinox/ You can also see a sample of my writing here> & here>
Carly Wynn studied psychology and creative writing at Dartmouth College. She travels the country as a semi-professional Nordic skier and semi-nomadic adventurer. Her writing is often inspired by the landscape that has most moved her, the White Mountains.

For questions or to register, email Carly at carly3ski@gmail.com


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