Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas !

Ted is here to say that whether you celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the winter solstice, the tradition and joy of giving and receiving gifts, Hanukkah  or one of the various holidays from around the world, he and I wish you a very, very Merry! 

I spent the day polishing a very special Christmas gift for my grandchildren who will not be arriving for a few days yet. Polishing, tweaking and having such a lovely time doing it. 
Now I find that there is a huge roadblock to being able to give this gift on that day. I have been working on this gift for months and am disappointed.
I know for a fact that no one will mind the wait. 

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You see, we have known some lean Christmases. Last year my daughter reminisced about the Christmas long ago when there was not a dollar to spend on gifts.  Each of us gave something of our own that we truly felt others would cherish. I repaired broken toys and made new ones. We wrapped them in the Sunday comics. We made Christmas ornaments and cozied up around the old bottle brush tree, which actually looked pretty nice. It was one of the best Christmas celebrations ever. We had each other and a cup of cocoa. That was all we needed. And the gifts were somehow just right.

What arose out of that day is the understanding of the magic of giving, of loving that is the Spirit of Christmas. That is the spirit of Santa Claus. So if anyone tries to tell you that your belief in Santa is marginal or a cruel hoax, just understand that they, sadly, are not acquainted with Father Christmas. They simply do not understand what the Spirit of Christmas is all about. And if you, personally, do not believe in Santa Claus, at least try to believe in Santa's cause. If you want to discover the Spirit of Christmas, just look into your abundance (which is not necessarily about buying gifts, but can be) and give of yourself where you know it will land in open arms. The magic is there.

Do you have a favorite Christmas (or Solstice or Kwanzaa or Hannukah or other celebration) memory? A surprise? A miracle? A cozy remembering? Drop a line in the comments or an email. 


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