Throw Your Year OUT! All Vinyl Dance Party hosted by DJ Sweat Stain!
Ended January 01
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Joie Finley Morris

Wrap up another humdrum, better luck next time, kind of year with some *BODY HEAT* some *BOOTY WAGGLIN* some Get Down With Your Bad Self *BOOGIE-THON* and those tight shorts that make your butt go "***WOW!***"Get wet with sweat and pair your HOT SUCCULENT GLISTENING body with some HOT SUCCULENT GLISTENING dumplings, served up fresh from Dumps A-GoGo!

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Sign up for the witness protection program now, because we're going to do things that they haven't even thought to make illegal yet. It's Throw Your Year Out - All Vinyl Dance Party w/ DJ Suavé Sweat Stain

Cheapest Date in town! 


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