Music Video #2: "And Everything Reminds Me of You" Starring Mts. Moosilauke, Cube and Smarts

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Bob Totz

Starring Mts. Moosilauke, Cube and Smarts

Enjoy the long-range views and sunrise in my new music video.  The photos were taken on my way to work in 2015.  When I was heading to Sharon from Norwich around 6:00 in the morning.  I saw some beautiful sunrises and moonsets.

I also had a three and a half hour lunch break, (got to love the Postal Service!)...and I would go by the same views mid-day and sometimes take more pictures.  My song is called "And Everything Reminds Me of You".  My first video was about local history.  This one is more about geography and the lay of the land in which we live, the beauty around us, and being thankful for that.  Thanks for checking out "Old Roads, Rivers and Rails", and Happy Holidays to all!  Bob Totz

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