Worth Knowing: How to recycle all that wrapping paper, all of those boxes and everything else!

Okay, it's not even Christmas quite yet and I'm already nagging you about recycling. Sorry, but here goes.

If you use Casella's curbside pickup program for your recyclables, please don't put wrapping paper in your bins - Casella doesn't accept it.

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But you can bring all of that wrapping paper - along with your piles of cardboard - to the Lebanon Solid Waste & Recycling Facility. Please don't bring foil wrapping and don't forget that gift boxes and holiday cards should also be recycled - and you can do it there!

Please recycle.

The City of Lebanon posted this helpful information last year:

The great thing about trash is: most of it is easily recyclable. Here are a few dos and don'ts to remember as you clean up after the holiday season.

Holiday Recycling Dos

  • Recycle wrapping paper with mixed paper.
  • Recycle holiday cards with mixed paper.
  • Recycle gift boxes with cardboard.
  • Old electronics? Recycle them at Best Buy or at the Lebanon Recycling Center (fees may apply).
  • Got a Christmas tree?  Remove all lights, ornaments, garland, and treestands then drop it at the brush pile at the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility.

Holiday Recycling Don’ts

  • Foil backed wrapping paper is NOT recyclable.
  • Aluminum food plates, trays, and foil WITH food on them are not recyclable. Please remove all food before recycling these items.
  • Christmas trees with lights and ornaments on them are NOT recyclable. Please remove lights and decorations before recycling.
  • Ribbon is NOT recyclable.

If you have questions about recycling at the Lebanon Recycling Center; just ask. Our staff is here to help. You can also visit our "What Goes Where?" page.

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