Worth Knowing: Skinny Pancake not happy about bringing dispute to NH Supreme Court

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Owners of the much-loved Skinny Pancake restaurant in Hanover really do not relish a legal battle. But they thought they had a deal with the owners of the Hanover Park building located at 3 Lebanon Street to buy the building. The owners of the building, Susan and Jim Rubens, disagreed. Since the parties have been unable to settle their differences, they've been battling it out in court for the last 2 years. And now that battle is moving to the top floor - an appeal was filed last month to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

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So what's all the fuss about? Skinny Pancake signed a lease for the space in 2016 that contained an option for Skinny Pancake to purchase the building for $5.6 million. When Skinny Pancake tried to exercise the option, the Rubens (through their limited liability company that "owns" the building) refused to sell and claimed that Skinny Pancake hadn't unconditionally exercised the option. Worth Knowing does not pretend to know anything more than that about the nature of the legal dispute, but a local newspaper carried a story earlier this month that contains more detail about the legal issues at hand. You can read that article here.

For their part, Skinny Pancake's owners really just wish the Rubens had kept their side of the deal.  Founder/Owner Benjy Adler summed up how he feels:

"We are deeply disappointed to find ourselves in this situation as we do not believe we are at all litigious by nature. We want to be focusing our time and energy on doing right by our guests, our employees and the environment.  In this case, we have a contractual right in our lease to purchase 3 Lebanon Street. We moved to exercise our legal right and we believe that right was flagrantly violated when they refused to honor it. Its a sad and frustrating situation." 

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Who knows what will happen as the case winds its way to the Supreme Court. Let's just hope Benjy and his brother Jonny keep serving those delicious crepes on Lebanon Street in Hanover. 

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p.s. The Skinny Pancake in Hanover will be screening Home Alone tonight at 7. Who does not LOVE that movie? 

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