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A while ago, I did a story called, "A Norwich resident with a story to tell." It was a 'who knew' story as I did not know that Richard Neugass had this hobby.

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I asked Richard to tell me about this hobby, and here is what he had to say . . . 

-  I was first exposed to picture-taking while a soldier in Saigon, South Vietnam in 1969; the Army had a photo lab that anyone could access.  And now chemicals and paper have given way to 0s and 1s, but oh, with what glorious results!
This is the process he uses to create these: He provided this explaination:

First, with a relatively inexpensive Canon Powershot camera, or with an iphone8 camera, I shoot close-up digital pictures.  Subjects are mostly flowers and leaves, but other subjects catch my camera eye.  Always shoot very close to the object, no zoom used if I can avoid it.
And I am always amazed at what I see that started with DNA!

Next, I manipulate parameters in "Photos" software on the .jpgs produced by my camera.

*  So far I have never changed colors
*  I crop almost always
*  I use brightness/contrast, color (hues), and sharpness controls to make them 'pop out' to the viewer
*  Can be quite beautiful, don't you think.

-  My excitement about the images I've 'found' is based on the realization that the amazing colors, patterns and shapes that are revealed as I "take a closer look" originate in DNA molecules that have no idea what we humans perceive.

-  I've always been curious about "what's underneath the surface" of things - objects and emotions.  So my excitement is based on discovery, seeing something that would have been overlooked if seen from a distance, or not seen at all because the viewer(s) aren't interested in the detail - the devil - and the beauty - is in the detail!

-  In 2019 I'm using a microscope-camera to look even deeper into 'what's underneath' - more discovery!

-  I'm sharing my images with friends and family, and with people who use electronics to view pictures.  Yes, there is nothing tangible there, but we can perceive the beauty on our electronic screens.  And it's FREE, so economics do not play a role in our ability to enjoy and appreciate.

Soft like a cloud

Going in for the good stuff

Oops - how did that bee get in there?

Colors, patterns and shapes

Poinsetta in it's glorious multi -color

No magic here.  ... except in front of my computer, where I can - electronically - tweak: framing, magnification, brightness/contrast, sharpness, color, and more.  That's my magic.

"email neugass2009@gmail.com if you have questions about his work"

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