QLLA’s New Board President

Edward, Finn, Kim, Marilyn, and Paul

Paul Marinelli, the new President of the Quechee Lakes Landowners’ Association (QLLA) Board of Trustees, describes himself as a guy who likes to stay in the background – the internal guy. He has owned several businesses and has even been called a “serial entrepreneur,” a label which he denies. He does agree, however, that he’s pretty good at seeing, “What needs to be done to make something work.” 

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Although he thinks Quechee Lakes is doing very well right now, he is happy to work to keep it that way.

Paul brings to QLLA a strong background in accounting and finance. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he was the first in his large Italian family to go to college. After graduating from Boston College in Economics, he went on to serve in the U.S. Army, primarily as a translator/liaison in military intelligence in Germany. Paul then returned to Boston, worked in finance and earned an MBA from Babson College. After, he decided that he wanted to own and run his own business and purchased his first company in 1995. Since then, he has successfully owned and operated three companies. Paul is currently chairman and CEO of Yankee Barn Homes in Grantham, New Hampshire. Yankee Barn Homes had difficult times during the 2007 to 2010 period; Paul saw a good brand with solid company fundamentals and the opportunity to bring it back as an economic engine in the Upper Valley. 

Paul Marinelli

Finding Quechee

Paul and wife, Marilyn, first came to Quechee in 1981 with friends. As many of us do, they fell in love with Quechee. Paul describes it as a “special place. I was struck by how much Quechee reminds me of Switzerland where I have visited relatives.” He and Marilyn bought a condominium in 1986. Their then teenage children, Kimberly and Edward, loved to come north from Massachusetts and were thrilled that they could get on the ski hill right from their back door! The Marinelli’s moved to Hartland full-time in 2002, maintaining their Quechee life and connections with a lot they purchased in 2000. Paul has played golf with the same group of guys for 30 years and spends his weekends here. Grandson, Finn (12), loves to visit to golf, ski, and Paul says he really likes the new pool complex.

The Marinelli’s now live in Grantham in the Eastman community in a Yankee Barn Home. As Paul says, “We are thrilled that we are able to live in an example of what Yankee Barn Homes does!” They also spend time in Sarasota Florida in the winter.

Joining the QLLA Board

Paul was recruited to be on the QLLA Finance Committee in 2005. He joined the Board as a trustee and treasurer in 2016 and is now the very well-qualified president. Paul is also on the Finance Committee in Eastman where he says they are dealing with many of the same issues that QLLA faces.

Overall, Paul tells me that The Quechee Club is in very good shape. “The ability to recruit and retain good staff is critical to sound operations, and QLLA has a solid management team. There are good financial tools in place, and the reserves are fully adequate to cover capital expenditures. We have a disaster relief fund and a very good facilities management plan.”

His priorities as president include addressing the aging demographics and aging real estate (especially condominiums) inventory, ensuring that the campus/infrastructure continually supports member services and growing membership. He says that “it will be difficult to maintain current operations and amenities at the current level of membership and dues. QLLA is working with Taurus, the development company, to add new homes. Taurus has built ten new homes, and two have sold so far. Although the overall economy is good right now, he says “it is important to maintain a reasonable cost per member with great value, to attract a new wave of buyers to ultimately replace the wave that purchased in Quechee in the late ’80s.”

Paul and Finn at a Red Sox game

Volunteering is important to Paul. In addition to sharing his skills with both the Quechee and Eastman communities, he is the treasurer and board member of Stepping Stones/Next Step – an organization which provides peer support to people with mental health issues – in Claremont, NH. He has served in a similar role with Friends of Veterans. And sometimes he even finds time to read, citing David Baldacci, Clive Cussler, John Grisham and Robert Ludlum as some of his favorite authors.


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