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You can claim it at The Norwich Police Department

This morning at approximately 8:51 am, I was leaving Dan and Whits with my cup of coffee (yes it was another cold day at the crosswalk).  I had visited with a few residents and after some quick chit chat just said good bye to town manager Herb Durfee III. I was heading over to my car parked in the very last spot on the right front parking lot.

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I looked down for a moment and Herb said something like be careful.  I had my Mad Bomber hat on and all dressed for winter and still had on my crossing vest.

A  car was approaching not that close but close enough that he thought he should warn me. I thanked him and said jokingly these side flaps on my hat need a small window on each side. As I was leaving, I looked down again and saw a small white envelope in pretty rough shape. I picked it up and It looked like it had been run over by a car.  See for yourself:

What's Inside?

I opened the envelope and low and behold I was surprised to see what looked like a bill of some sort.  Yes it was a bill with holes in it from it being run over.  The envelope has a name written on it.

I will be turning this over to the Norwich Police Department and if you think it belongs to you please contact them.  Oh! you probably will have to guess the name on the envelope in order to get the money and how much was in it , I would imagine. It will not be up to me to decide as it is now a police matter.

In closing, I hope the person who lost it will claim it and spend it wisely.

Happy Holidays to all.



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