Worth Knowing: Will your New Year's resolution be to take an art class?

If yes, take note that Winter classes will begin soon at AVA Gallery and Art Center, and some classes are starting to fill up - so register now to avoid disappointment! Take a look at the classes below. There's something for everyone.

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Knead, Roll, Pinch and Pull - Hand-building Clay Sculpture for Beginners with SANDE FRENCH-STOCKWELL. Roll, knead, pinch and form clay while learning basic approaches to hand building figurative sculpture; both animal, human or imaginary. Finishing with glazes, paint and patinas will add final touches.  Thursdays, Jan 17 - Feb 21, 6pm - 9 pm.    Members $226   //  Nonmembers $265   //    $30 materials fee.

Anyone Can Throw! with EVAN WILLIAMS. Make slab molded baking and serving dishes or experiment with pinch pots, coil, and hand building. A variety of pottery making methods will wow the novice and challenge the more experienced potter. Four sessions, beginning Friday, Jan 11. 5pm - 6:30pm.  Members $179   //  Nonmembers $210  //   $30 materials fee.

Playing With Fire - Welding I with JIMMY MARTELL. Become a creative welder! AVA's metal studio offers everything you need to learn welding basics. Get hands-on practice measuring, cutting and joining metal in this introductory class. Use MIG and "stick" welders, plasma cutters and oxy-acetylene torches. Safety, fun and learning are the priorities.  Wednesdays, Jan 16 - Feb 13, 3pm - 6pm.  Members $247    //   Nonmembers $290   //   $75 materials fee.

Steel Fabrication for the Sculptor with JOSEPH MONTROY. Continue your sculptural exploration using welded steel as a means of expression. Continue to refine tool and machine skills, learning new techniques in the process. The focus will be to transform stock sheet steel and rod into sculptural form. Materials supplied. Some steel experience suggested.  Saturday & Sunday, Jan 19 & 20, 9am - 4pm.  Members $158    //   Nonmembers $185   //   $75 materials fee.

Women, Wild About Welding with SABRINA FADIAL. Grasp tips, tricks and tools while working safely and wisely in AVA's metal shop. Wrangle bar stock, sheet steel and rod while beginning to weld, fabricate and form metal using MIG and "stick" welders, oxy-acetylene torches, plasma cutting and basic forging. Come away with small projects and confidence working with steel. Saturday & Sunday, Jan 26 & 27, 9:30am - 4pm  .  Members $226    //    Nonmembers $265   //    $75 materials fee.

Michelangelo Madness -  Introduction to Stone Carving with HEATHER RICHIE. Wield hammers, chisels, files and rasps! Create a stone sculpture using a variety of techniques. Bring your ideas or an image or drawing or let the stone dictate your design. Learn how to use simple hand tools in the reductive method of sculpture. Novice and experienced artists are encouraged to join in making small scale full round or relief carvings. Friday - Sunday, Jan 25 -27; Fri: 6pm - 8pm, Sat & Sun: 10am - 3pm.  Members $260   //    Nonmembers $305   //    $15 materials fee.

Design, Shape, Texture, And Build -  Wood Sculpture I with JAY SINGH. Learn the fundamentals of fine woodworking and transfer these skills to the construction of wood sculpture. Design, shape, texture, and join! Build a take-away three-dimensional piece and learn about color as it relates to sculpture.  Wednesdays, Jan 16 - Mar 20, 6pm - 9pm.   Members $357    //    Nonmembers $420   //   $45 materials fee.

Put It All Together - Woodworking with Hand Tools with CHRIS MCGRODY. Learn to square-up rough boards and lay out and cut a variety of wood joints including lap joints, bridle joints, mortises, tenons, and dovetails. Use the hand-joinery skills of a professional to complete a take-home project that demonstrates the skills you're learned.Mondays, Jan 21 -  Feb 11, 6pm - 9pm.  Members $179  // Nonmembers $210  //  $30 materials fee.

Through a New Lens - Introduction to Digital Photography with NICK GAFFNEY. Gain command of your digital camera and use that knowledge to create photos for discussion and critique. Bring your DSLR camera and a notebook and see the world through a new lens! Wednesdays, Jan 16 - Feb 13,  6pm - 8pm. Members $183  //  Nonmembers  $215.

The Active Observer - Basic Drawing with DAN GOTTSEGEN. Put pencil (and charcoal) to paper and see where you can go! Learning to draw is learning to see and a wonderful way to slow down. Understand line, contour, gesture and form while using various materials and the unique marks they make. Begin your creative journey at AVA! Working from a model included. Mondays, Jan 21 -  Mar 18, 6:30pm - 9 pm (no class Feb 18).  Members $251   //  Nonmembers $295  //  Materials list provided.

Individual Expression in Watercolor with JENNIFER BROWN. Achieve your individual expressive goals in watercolor by revisiting the formal elements of shape, form, texture, color, and value. Embrace the transparency and flexibility of this magical medium using straightforward, classic exercises. Some watercolor experience suggested.  Tuesdays, Jan 15 - Feb 5, 9:30am - 12 pm.  Members $179  //  Nonmembers $210  // Materials list provided.

Still Life Alive In Pastels! with JOHNATHAN ROSEThe still life genre comes alive with pastels!  Bring your energy, curiosity and personal expression to the subject at hand. Class will start with a short presentation of pastel artwork and culminate with supportive critique.Fridays, Jan 18 - Feb 8, 9am - 11am.  Members $107    //    Nonmembers $125   //  Materials list provided.

Painting the Winter Landscape with Watercolor with ROBERT O'BRIEN. Paint our beautiful winter landscape in watercolor. The subtle tints of snow will be teased out using glazing techniques and layering. Ones captivating scene will utilize tonal value, composition, light and shadow. Learn to create a finished painting from a favorite winter subject, using a photographic reference. Robert will demonstrate his approach and provide hands-on guidance to each student. Saturday & Sunday, Jan 19 & 20, 10am - 4pm.  Members $141  //    Nonmembers $165   //    Materials list provided.

Watercolor: The Basics and Beyond with MARGRET DWYERDo you love watercolor? Have you only dabbled a bit? Then take this workshop!  Numerous watercolor techniques will be demonstrated and the differences between paints, brushes, and paper defined. Try your hand at simple studies. Use a variety of watercolor paints, papers, and brushes that will be provided. Watercolor is so accessible and so very satisfying. Saturday, Jan 12, 9am - 2pm. Members $107    //    Nonmembers $125.

Egg Yolk and Powdered Pigments - Egg Tempera with KERI WIEDERSPAHN. Revel in the beauty of powdered pigments and the possibilities they hold! Absorb the medium's history that dates back to ancient Egypt. First mix and temper paints, then enjoy the colors as they get teased onto your handmade gesso panel. Last but not least, relish in this unique painting method while completing a true egg tempera painting.  SESSION 1: Mondays, Jan 14 - Feb 11, 12:30pm - 3pm.  Members $213    //    Nonmembers $250 | $35 materials fee.

Ink, Roller, Brush, and a Press - Introduction to Printmaking with DEREK BELL. Get ready to have fun and learn different ways to create your visual ideas in AVA's print shop. Topics will include relief, monotype, and collagraph printmaking. Discover what can be done with colorful ink and a press!  Fridays, Jan 11 - Feb 8, 5pm - 8 pm. Members $162    //    Nonmembers $190   //    Materials list provided.

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