Police cadets receive awards at ceremony (Lot's of photos) and link to training program

An impressive group of future leaders!

I was invited to attend the recent Norwich Police Cadets award ceremony held at the new Police/Fire facility.  The police cadet program is a non-profit organization that provides a hands-on career orientation experiential learning program for young adults in the Upper Valley region, ages 13-18, interested in the career of law enforcement. 

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The program exposes students to the various aspects of police work in order to prepare them for a future career in law enforcement and is one in which they can earn up to two years of high school credit for participation. To see photos of some of their training: 

Please click here for the story on  The Norwich Police Cadet program

The Police cadet program was started in January of 2016 by  Sergeant Jennifer Frank, who serves as their Commander. She created this program while on the Windsor Police Department with the hope to be able to instill in local youth, an understanding of the role and purpose of law enforcement and the true meaning of the phrase "Protect and Serve." She brought the program to Norwich when she transferred here as the new police sergeant.

The award ceremony was held to recognize the many achievements the cadets have accomplished this past year and to say thanks to all who assisted.

Please enjoy the story and the photos. 

The event was well attended with parents and cadet's families on hand

Slideshow presentation about to begin

Sgt Jennifer Frank explaining the program

Posting the color guard

Cadets waiting to be called up to receive awards

Mason Poirier receives his name badge pin from his parents

William Scalese receives his name badge 

Parents pinning name badge on William Scalese

Tyler Odell getting his name badge

Tyler Odell getting his name badge pinned on by his Grandparents

Eamon Odell getting his name badge

Eamon Odell getting his name badge pinned on by his Grandparents

Tanner Trussell receives his name badge

Judy Trussell pins the name badge on her son Tanner

Bryanna Thurston and John Cook getting their Introduction to program pins

Gannon Dellinger receiving his 3 year pin and his Corporal rank

Sgt Frank congratulating the cadet

Ethan Preston receiving his 2 year pin

Selectwoman Linda Cook being introduced by Sgt Frank

Linda Cook reading Letter of Appreciation from the Selectboard

Linda Cook presents each cadet with the letter of appreciation from the Norwich Select Board

Evan Burke receives the Honorable Merit Service Award which is the highest award a cadet can receive. It is given when a cadet shows a high degree of integrity, character and honor.

Evan Burke also received his 2nd year pin

Sgt Frank congratulating Evan Burke

A certificate of Advancement award was given to Ethan Preston and Bryce Moody.

They also became squad leaders for squads A and B

Each cadet received the certificate of advancement award

Sgt Frank getting assistance from the Corporal

Sgt Frank reading the special award which shows the most growth over the last year

Cadet receives round of applause for his awards as Sgt Frank looks on

Bryce Moody receives the cadet of the year award, the highest award a cadet can receive.

Sgt. Frank displays the award for all to see.

Sgt. Frank  congratulates Wendy Moody on Bryce's awards.

Wendy Moody receives the 'behind the badge award' which is the highest civilian award given to a non-cadet for their support of the program.

Cadets setting up and getting the meal ready.

Law and order in the kitchen!

Taking dinner orders.

Did you say diet soda?

Cadets delivering the meals.

Spaghetti and meatballs and yes, sausages too!

Yes we have lemonade.

Salad anyone?

These cadets look hungry to me . . . 

 . . . and more cadets enjoying the meal

This year's class of cadets.

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