Reversing Roe
Ended January 26

Discussion follows with directors Ricki Stern ’87 and Annie Sundberg ’90, Senator Wendy Davis and Dr. Colleen McNicholas

One in four women will get an abortion in their lifetime. The right for them to do so was guaranteed by the Supreme Court’s 1978 decision in Roe v. Wade—but as Ricki Stern ’87 and Annie Sundberg ’90 chronicle in their powerful, urgent documentary, it is far from settled law. This deep-dive into history reveals how reproductive rights became a key point of leverage for religious groups hoping to influence government … and vice versa.

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Capturing the energy of this critical moment, Reversing Roe brings together a range of voices—feminists, politicians, healthcare providers, priests and activists—on all sides of the debate. The film celebrates those individuals, including Senator Wendy Davis, who have sought to preserve safe healthcare options for women, and provides the best record yet of a decades-long battle.

D: Ricki Stern ’87 & Annie Sundberg ’90, US, 2018, 1h39m


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