Sunday Family Time

Gifts from the Heart

One of those Days!

So ya know and not just so ya know.....I know my Family is busy, complicated and abound with so much those moments when as a Mom and, a Parent of adult children, you must sometimes bow to the most critical situation at hand, no matter what you want to share with your Family, Sunday was that for me! It felt great to spend time in the cellar with my youngest chopping wood, the Grand Puppy running around and a very open conversation, with real life unfolding as we shared those moments of deep reflective bonding. I listen; to uplift and resolve issues my children share with me, I take a deep breathe and place my heart as openly close to them as I am allowed. I then try to reflect what they say with an open mind that I want to be corrected; how else could I ever know them objectively. It felt like a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold wet winter day! 

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