Meet the New Polly Wog,"Wogger"!

The Wogger!

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Magical Timing


The lose of Two most loved animals this year had my heart heavy and my thoughts lingering. SO when Black Friday came this year I was on my tail end of avoiding the Holiday Madness and by the end of the day, My Landlord and his Friend brought a new Polly Wog! She is a rescue Wogger, the moment I saw her I just knew she is the new Wogger! The first time she went in the litter box I know this was the Wogger for me!! I usually have Dogs not a Cat so I was a little reserved in my thoughts about being able to take good care of her, so I did the research, hours of research! It is early yet but I think it is going well and I might just be a new CAT lady. The Story of The Pauly Wog, The Wogger, Dog I want to share soon it is an amassing story of the truest form of love and MAGIC! I just do not wan to cry all the way through it and I know I will so I will work on it and with the New Wogger it feels like all my friends have home HOME, that right there welts up tears in my eyes and a knot in my throat..... 

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